Composite Tungsten Electrodes Customization Service

Special Specification of Composite Tungsten Electrodes
Besides regular product based on related national standard, we also provides Composite Tungsten Electrodes with regular grades and Composite Tungsten Electrodes solution used in agent to satisfy rapid change of market demand. The price is depended on producing difficulty and ordering amount.

Special Amount of Composite Tungsten Electrodes
To cooperate with the institution for academic research and R&D of enterprises, we also provide free samples with special packing and delivery. Due to the separate packing and testing, plus the delivery cost, so the price of sample is more expensive than batch amount.

Special Packing of Composite Tungsten Electrodes
Besides our regular packing, we also provide various packing with different material or different specification. Special packing will increase our cost, so the price of product will be higher.

Special Lable Customization
To satisfy different customers for their actual application, we can provide special designed inside and outside packing and painting. The price is charged separately.