Composite Tungsten Electrodes

Composite Tungsten Electrodes Picture

Swaging apparatus and process for multicomponent composite tungsten electrodes is a technology in processing industry of rare earth and high-melting-point metal. Composite tungsten electrodes can be made from composite tungsten rod.

Take an Φ 6.0 composite tungsten rod as an example. After reduce a Φ 6.0 tungsten rod in Φ 6.0-Φ 5.6 mold under 1450~1500℃, a Φ 5.6 composite tungsten rod is formed. Following the same procedure, reduce Φ 5.6 one under 1400~1450℃ in a Φ5.2-Φ4.8 mold, reduce Φ4.8 under 1400~1450℃ in Φ4.4-Φ4.1 mold, and then reduce Φ4.1 one under 1400~1450℃ in Φ3.9-Φ3.6 mold, when reduce in Φ3.3-Φ3.0 mold, a Φ3.0 composite tungsten electrode is manufactured.

What mentioned above are procedures of making Φ6 composite tungsten electrodes material into Φ3 ones. This method can be used to make composite tungsten electrodes of other standards.