Composite Tungsten Electrodes Applications

Composite Tungsten Electrodes Picture

The same with other tungsten electrodes, composite tungsten electrodes are used in welding. However, they are different in welding industry. Since composite tungsten electrodes have slightness arc, big compression degree, when in the middle and big electric current, the dissolves depth is biggest during welding, they are mainly applied to war industry and aerospace industry.

Of course, composite tungsten electrodes have other applications.

Composite Tungsten Electrode in Electrochemical Catalyzed Hydrogen Evolution

Composite tungsten electrodes can improve the electmehemical catalyzed hydrogen evolution of cobalt electrode. Cobalt – composite tungsten electrode was developed, and its property of electrochemical catalyzed hydrogen evolution can be showed by means of cathodic polarization curves, a. c. impedance technique and SEM. Compared with cobalt electrode, Cobalt tungsten electrode has rough surface, high exchange current density and smaller resistance of hydrogen evolution reaction. But composite tungsten electrode is clean and grounded that superior to cobalt electrode in electrochemical catalyzed hydrogen evolution. Thus, composite tungsten electrodes are better choice in electrochemical catalyzed hydrogen evolution.

Nickel-Tungsten- Composite Tungsten Electrodes in Hydrochloric Acid Solutions

Composite electroplating is developing rapidly which has been widely used in industries. In view of the squandered metal in composite electrodeposits, for example, the squandered nickel in nickel-tungsten-tungsten carbide composite electrodeposits. Nickel-tungsten-tungsten carbide composite electrode can improve effects of the amount of codeposited tungsten carbide particles, temperature and concentration of hydrochloric acid on the anodic behavior of nickel-tungsten-tungsten carbide composite electrode in hydrochloric acid solutions.